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Were you left unsatisfied with X Men The Last Stand? Did Cyclops' death piss you off? Do you consider Dark Phoenix under represented? Are you a Mystique fan, a Rogue fan or just an angry feminist who likes X Men?
Then this is might be the community for you!

Instead of bellyaching about Brett Ratners pile of sludge film, we here at real_x_movie try to make our dreams come true. Storylines, full stories, graphics for your vision of X3 are accepted. Complaining in moderation is our motto. So if there was something (anything!) that you hated or that just bugged you in X3 feel free to correct it and submit it here!

1. No Flaming. If you don't like somebodies story or graphic, give constructive criticism.
2. Post stories longer then 100 words under a cut.
3. Big pictures under a cut.
4. Rate whatever you write (violence, sex, whatever). Forewarned is forearmed.
5. Pimp this comm! We have almost no memebers.